Scheduled press activities

All mixed zone activities are only for requested players.

Day Date Time (local time) Activity (NOTE *) Location
Monday 18/10 16:45-17:00 Mixed zone Viborg Stadium
Monday 18/10 17:00-18:30 Open training Viborg Stadium
Tuesday 19/10 10:45-11:00 Mixed zone Viborg Stadium
Tuesday 19/10 11:00-13:00 Open training Viborg Stadium
Wednesday 20/10 11:15-11:30 Mixed zone Viborg Stadium
Wednesday 20/10 11.30* Training - open 15 min to media Viborg Stadium
Thursday 21/10 18.00

KO: Denmark - Bosnien-Hercegovina

For accreditation for the match:

Viborg Stadium
Friday  22/10 11:15-11:30

Mixed zone

Viborg Stadium
Friday 22/10 11:30-13:00

Open training

Viborg Stadium
Monday 25/10 10:45-11:00

Mixed zone

Training Camp Podgorica, Montenegro
Monday 25/10 11:00*

Training - open 15 min to media

Training Camp Podgorica, Montenegro
Tuesday 26/10 18:00

KO: Montenegro - Denmark**

Training Camp Podgorica, Montenegro

NB: All times are local time

*Open 15 minutes to media.

**Contact Press Officer Alexander Paaske at regarding digital mixed zones and interview requests.

Covid-19 restrictions apply to press activities. Please note that: 

  • Attendance requires registration with Mia Kjærgaard, Head of Media Operations,, no later than 24 hours before the media activity. 
  • We will provide requested players only.
  • All players and staff will keep a distance of 1,5 meters to the media when being out door. Bring appropriate equipment. 
  • All media should keep at least 1 meter of distance from one another and wear a face mask at all times when being in door.

Scheduled press activities are subject to change or cancellation completely due to decisions made by the head coach even with short notice. Please check above scheme daily for possible changes. We apologize for any inconvenience. 

The participation of specific players and coaches at media activities are subject to possible injury situation and treatment plan.

The press activities of our opponents are scheduled and managed by our opponents.

For special media requests, please contact:
Alexander Paaske (Press Officer)
Mobile: (+45) 42 73 44 00


Henriette Jensen (Team Manager)
Mobile: (+45) 51 44 92 12

Mixed zone opportunity before start of training sessions.

Training can be closed after the first 15 minutes due to tactical reasons. This will be notified on site.