Scheduled press activities


Covid-19 restrictions apply to press activities.

Please note that: 

  • When attending physical media activities - all players and staff will keep a distance of 3 meters to the media. To participate - bring an updated coronapass, wear a medical face masks at all times and bring appropriate equipment. 
  • All media should keep at least 1,5 meter of distance from one another and wear a face mask at all times. Failure to apply will mean denied access to press activities. 

Scheduled press activities are subject to change or cancellation completely due to decisions made by the head coach even with short notice. The participation of specific players and coaches at media activities are subject to possible injury situation and treatment plan. Please check above scheme daily for possible changes and keep posted also at UEFA Media Channel for any changes and updates

Please see explanation of all categories of press activities here

Please also note that the these times and activities are all subject to change.