Football agent test

The football agent test is held for football agents registered at the Danish FA who wish to obtain the title 'Football Agent certified by the Danish Football Association'. A certified football agent can request the DBU specially designed logo for certified football agents via This logo may only be used in a signature (letters and/or e-mails) and only in connection with excercising as a certified football agent.

Please note that you must be registered football agent at DBU before you can apply to obtain the status as football agent certified by the Danish Football Assocation.

The next agent test is going to be in the spring 2023 and will be held at DBU, DBU Allé 1, DK-2605 Brøndby.

It is possible to register by sending an e-mail to, when the date for the agent test has been decided.

Prior to the test the participant will be invoiced a fee of DKK 2,000 + VAT. 

The agent test is held as a written multiple-choice test. It consists 20 questions prepared by the DBU. The 20 questions will contain questions regarding the regulations of the DBU and the regulations of FIFA.

Each correct answer gives 1 point and the maximum number of points is thus 20. A minimum of 15 points are required to pass.

It is possible to take the test in English. The test has a 90 minutes duration and no aids can be used.

You can find the syllabus her.

Parts of the syllabus will only be in Danish.

Please do not hesitate to contact DBU Jura on, if you have any questions to the test.