COvid-19 restrictions and guidelines for national team matches

UEFA Nations League matches are played under restrictions from UEFA due to Covid-19. 

As media you will find several changes compared to previous matches in MCH Arena: 

  • 1 person per function per media 
  • Press entrance (on the corner of Handelsbanken-tribunen in MCH Arena) - will open 2 hours before kick off. Your accreditation can be picked up here. 
  • Parking is free at the P1 parking on MD-1 and MD
  • All media will need to wear a face mask when inside the stadium at all times. Commentators are excepted when commentating. 
  • When arriving at the stadium a stadium will check you for a fever. Failure to pass or to wear a mask will mean no entrance to the stadium.
  • No food or beverages will be served. By entrance you will be handed over a lunch box and water. 
  • A social distance of 2 meters should be kept at all times - also in the media stands. This means the capacity of the media tribune and media working area is highly limited. Please note that you might not be granted a position with a table even if requested. 
  • Mixed zone post match will not be allowed
  • Press conference on MD-1 and MD will be digital. A link will be provided only to attendant media to be able to ask questions to players and coach 

Special restrictions will also apply for photographers:

  • 8 photographers on each end of the pitch at each half 
  • A spot will be granted all photographers upon arrival with first-come-first-serve principle. NA and UEFA photographers will be prioritized.  
  • A social distance of 2 meters should be kept at all times

Restrictions will also apply to mixed zones and press activities before the match. Read more here.

For questions regarding the media operations for the matches in Parken please contact Mia Kjærgaard, Media Operations Manager DBU,, +45 26172816